Portrait, fashion, event, sports, products and advertising photography, TFP (time for print) and editing/retouch assignments.

The Company is registered for VAT and holds an F-tax certificate.

If you have an idea, a proposal or assignment in mind, contact us via our contact page.


Fee dependent on the nature and scope as well as the intended use.

Time for Print (TFP)

TFP is an arrangement between a model and a photographer whereby the photographer agrees to provide the model with an agreed number of pictures of the best photographs from the session, and a limited license to use those pictures in return for the model's time.

We reserve the right to use any photograph from TFP-sessions in any way we chooses, including selling them for profit.

If you are interested in a TFP session send us a message (via the contact page) and we will contact you for further discussion.

Editing & Retouch

Fixed price per image (the price depends on the complexity of the edit/retouch).